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You can have the fullest, longest hair you’ve ever had with our premium quality extensions. Clip in extensions are available in various shades blond, black, brown, red, and ombre. Blond extensions are available in shades of Ash Blonde, Beach Blonde, Dirty Blonde, and Strawberry Blonde. Black extensions are available in Jet Black and Off Black.

Brown extensions shades are Ash Brown, Chestnut Brown, Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown, and Mochachino Brown. Red extensions are available in Vibrant Red and TestaRossa Red. Ombre hair extensions available shades are black, brown, blonde, pink, purple, teal, and Guy Tang signature Balayage.

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If you’re looking for natural, quality hair to fill out your own, then dailylifesolution has the right product for you. Our 100% Virgin Human Remy Hair is your perfect solution. Remy means it does not contain any artificial or non-human hair. It is pure, unprocessed, and free from chemicals, therefore, tangles and mats less. You won’t experience hair loss like with some other hair extensions either. It will act and feel like your own hair.

If you like to wear your hair in various styles, you’ll love this product. Sizes range from 8 to 30 inches giving you plenty of choices. You can choose from silky straight, body wave, or curly styles. Because this is real hair that comes with the full cuticle, you can change your mind and the look by washing, curling, straightening, dyeing, bleaching, perming or highlighting your new hair. It’s strong and versatile, allowing you to create different looks

Human hair is categorized according to quality. Our product is classified as one of the highest qualities at an 8A. It’s considered premium grade and can last up to 2 years, outlasting many other hair products. Because the full cuticle is lying in the direction of the growth, the hair shaft is strong, and the hair won’t fall out. The weave is double weft which means it is durable and thicker adding volume to your own hair.

This hair is clean, soft, thick, and has no split ends. Each bundle is 100 grams adding more volume to your hair for that healthy look making you the envy of all your friends. Choose the color that matches your own hair or go for a new you by picking something different. You can be as conservative or adventuresome as you want. We give you plenty of ideas from which to choose.

Give us a try. Enhance the hair you already have by adding fullness, highlights, length or whatever new look you are striving for. These extensions are sturdy, easy to use and blend in. No one else will know you’re wearing them.

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Product Detail

Free From Chemicals

Free From Chemicals

100% unprocessed virgin human hair; Less likely to tangle, mat, or experience hair loss; Free from chemicals; Great for women who wear their hair in many different styles; Longer lasting possibly last up to 2 years

Healthy, clean, full, soft, thick and no split ends

Healthy, clean, full, soft, thick and no split ends

Established hair grade of 8A; Highest quality human hair; Pure and contains no artificial or non-human hair; Blends with your own hair; Healthy, clean, full, soft, thick and no split ends; May be more manageable than your own hair

Multiple Colors

Multiple Colors

Full cuticle included; Treat it like your own hair; Safe to wash, dye, perm, bleach, or highlight; Comes in multiple colors so you can match your own hair or try something completely different; Easy to blend with your own looks

Create New Styles

Create New Styles

Double weft adds thickness and volume; Have the thick full hair you’ve always wanted; Easy to work with; Can be straightened or curled; Allows you to experiment and create new styles that you couldn’t do with just your own hair

Change it up and try different things

Change it up and try different things

Sizes range from 8 inches to 30 inches; Available styles include silky straight, body wave, or curly; You can choose which one best fits your style needs; Change it up and try different things; Your only limitation is your imagination

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I would like to get in touch to thank you personally and say how unbelievably impressed I am with the standard and quality of service I received from you. The item arrived the next day and matched my hair perfectly. After having had serious problems with other sellers regarding hair extensions, I have finally got the perfect match to wear to my sister's wedding. I will definitely be recommending you to other users.

Laura -

Just want to say thankyou alot. You would be the nicest people online I have come across. Yeah I know mistakes happen. It's all good. Thankyou for all your help and it's very nice what your doing for me. Nice to know you look after your buyers and I really appreciate it alot. Pleasure doing business with you and will definatly be back. Thankyou so much again 

Jennifer -

Hello there , I just would like to say that I got my hair extensions and they were excellent! Perfect color match and they arrived very quickly,and I was blown away by the customer service .  I was nervous at first I had never ordered anything from the UK.  I am so glad you ship worldwide, and I am very happy with this product,  I will be telling my friends as well as making another purchase in the near future I am sure.

Jessica -

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